About me

Pablo Dohms

I am a German visual artist, born in Tenerife, Spain, in 1989. Currently I am based in Zurich, Switzerland.

I first studied Latin American Sciences in Cologne, Germany and at UNAM in Mexico, focusing on the history of traditional muralism and urban art. Later I worked various years as a project manager in the cultural sector for Goethe-Institut in Mexico City. Throughout these years I have continuously worked on my artistic production and participated in exhibitions in Germany and Mexico. It was also in Mexico City where I co-curated the independent platform ‘Causalidad Art Project’ with Angelo Barreto.

I am dedicated to painting, illustration and murals and I like to experiment with different materials, techniques and styles. In the last years I have been working in particular with watercolours and acrylics,  creating blurry and colourful scenes which I then intervene with delicate illustrations, using ink, ball pens or brushstrokes, alluding to dreams and the subconsciousness. This way I create associative and surreal, imaginative worlds.